Core welcomes Welsh SIM distributor RWG

Welsh SIM distributor RWG has joined Core’s growing number of network partners, as Core continues to grow its SIM distribution presence across the UK.

Welsh SIM Distributor RWG
Photo credit RWG

RWG offers so much more than just a SIM card; it offers a unique, complete service. The network is run in Wales, exclusively for Wales, with a Welsh language service as standard. Customers are able to download an app which will allow them to manage multiple profiles on one SIM, make calls via Wi-Fi and connect to 4G, which is still rolling out in Wales, at no extra charge.

By working with Core, RWG expects to increase awareness of its brand and expand its customer base. With a target market made up predominately of the Welsh as well as visitors to the country, Core is perfectly positioned to drive the brand forward. Core is rolling out a campaign for RWG.Initial results are highly promising and the partnership between Core and RWG is set to grow.

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